Figure invisible ou le traducteur sans le savoir. Sur un aspect du discours rapporté dans les textes biomédicaux français et polonais

  1. Kaja Gostkowska


Invisible figure or being a translat or with out knowing it. About some aspects of the reported speech in French and Polish biomedical texts

In biomedical engineering, both in the Polish- and French-speaking world, numerous scientific papers are published every year: articles in specialist periodicals, doctoral theses, monographs, academic textbooks, etc. Even a perfunctory analysis of titles and names of authors indicates that these are not translations. At the same time, specialists constantly draw on works written in English. They also refer to them in their publications, thus doing the work of translators (usually unconsciously). The aim of the article is to show how specialists refer to foreign-language works and what linguistic means they use when quoting research results described in a foreign language.

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Romanica Wratislaviensia

59, 2012

Pages from 361 to 371

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