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Figures de l’auto-traducteur dans le contexte canadien-québécois

  1. Daniel Gagnon


Figures of the Self-translator in the Canadian-Quebec Context

This article examines briefly the representation of translation and translators in Canadian and Quebec literature generally from the mid-1940s to the works of such authors as Nicole Brossard, Jacques Poulin, Gail Scott and Francine Noël in the 1980s, before examining more particularly the case of authors including Nancy Huston, Robert Dickson and Agnès Whitfield who translate their own works between English and French. Detailed analysis of the writer’s own novels, The Marriageable Daughter and My Husband the Doctor, confirms the hypothesis that, in Canadian and Québécois contexts of self-translation, figures of the translator or translation process tend to emphasize writerly and creative dimensions.

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Romanica Wratislaviensia

59, 2012

Strony od 237 do 246

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