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La circulation du discours: le dit d’origine énonciative indéterminée en français et en polonais

  1. Anna Dutka-Mańkowska


Circulation of the speech: Speech of unspecified enunciation in French and in Polish

The article deals with different approaches towards the description of utterances of undefined origin (rumours, gossips, anonymous accounts, etc.). Depending on theoretical assumptions, these utterances either may be classified as the examples of specific accounting speech or they stay unclassified. On the basis of L. Rosier’s conception of “discourse circulation” (circulation du discours), the phenomenon of anonymous, unkind or untrue remarks pronounced behind one’s back was analysed: the social use of potin (gossip) vs. the one of plotka in both French and Polish were compared, in particular their linguistic aspects and specific stocks of phrases (lexical, phraseological and others) were examined. Though many similarities were observed, some cultural differences were also registered. This point of view was described not only in relation to other theories proposed in linguistics in France (J. Authier-Revuz, Z. Guentcheva) but also against discourse analysis (S. Moirand).

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Romanica Wratislaviensia

56, 2009

Strony od 63 do 73

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